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Recommended Gear

60 lbs MAXIMUM WEIGHT DUFFEL BAG- We will provide a duffle bag of the size we prefer to pack, all of your gear -your day pack will need to fit in this bag. We will be using the kuiu taku 5500 dry bag if you would like to check the size. Over the years we have found that a large percentage of the items hunters bring are never used. Remember everything is packed on the back of a mule. 

Clothing for early season (Sept 15- Oct 15)

  • Light chamois, flannel or wool shirts

  • Light wool pants 

  • Wool jacket 

  • Wool gloves 

  • Long underwear

  • Day pack- no nylon, (quiet)

  • Meat sacks

  • 2 pairs of boots, light pair & one water proof pair

  • first lite wool blend gear is very nice gear 

  • kuiu gear is also a good option 

  • stone glacier is great gear as well

Clothing for late season ( Oct 15- end of season

  • Heavy wool shirt

  • Heavy wool pants (mandatory)

  • Long underwear (wool or cotton insulated

  • Heavy wool jacket

  • Mittens, wool lined

  • Day pack-No nylon

  • BOOTS- two pair leather tops are the best for early season, late season have insulated boots, must be water proof and preferably have air bob soles

Other gear for both early and late season

  • Shaving kit

  • Wet ones

  • Towel 

  • Foot powder 

  • wool socks (bring plenty)

  • Hat or wool cap

  • Light stocking cap for night

  • Camp slippers/outdoor compatible

  • Rain gear, pants & jacket (we recommend the Kuiu rain gear)

  • 2 flash lights(extra batteries)

  • Lighters, water proof matches

  • Fire starter (fire paste works the best)

  • Warm sleeping bag, the warmer and smaller the better  

  • 2 boxes of shells

  • Hunting knife 

  • Small binoculars, camera  

  • Snow seal or boot grease

  • Meat sacks 

For all your wool needs call 

Filson Outdoor Clothing 1-800-624-0201

Wyoming trader makes good inexpensive wool 

Hoffman boots #1- 1-800-925-1599 call for free catalog. We wear Hoffman's and there is none better

We also wear a lot of  Kuiu and First lite for the early season. 

If you enjoy an after dinner totty, please bring a bottle of your favorite drink. (preferably plastic)

If you have any questions about the gear list, don't hesitate to call us. (406) 381-2354

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